Working from the Shed

After a sociable morning, I ambled back through town to the allotment. No one was on site, so I opened up the shed and turned on the radio. A shrill yell made me jump and I turned to find Trixy angrily pecking at the run door. Rolling my eyes, I opened up the coop door and let out the weed destroyers. Foxy, always more timid than the others, let the others explore for a while before coming out.

As they got on with the weeding, I began to jot down notes from my morning meeting. There is something about sitting in the shed as you work which makes it so much more bearable than at home! Time flew by and apart from the occasional inquisitive beak appearing at the shed door, work continued at a surprising pace.

But eventually it was time to go home and I corralled the bantams, now full of weeds, back into the coop. Trixy and Roxy were pretty compliant. Foxy on the other hand was another matter entirely! That bird was determined not to go back into the run. Eventually, I hauled her out from underneath the comfrey and deposited her unceremoniously into the run.

Assuming the weather is dry, I will finish weeding the top four sections of the plot and dig over the run for the little weed destroyers!


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