The rain, it raineth every day..

Another day, another downpour! It was relentless! I just about managed to dash around the chicken coops, checking on the birds before running back to the shed. As I sat in the shed, waiting for the rain to stop, I pondered upgrading the social media for the plot. Besides this blog, I have been running in parallel an Instagram account. Usually multiple social media accounts allow better sharing of stories and photos. Would adding an additional platform be too much work? Things to ponder…

When the rain eventually lessened, I put my coat back on and walked down the plot. There are still several more sections to weed but the plot is beginning to come back under control. I rummaged through my seed boxes, wondering what I should plant for our winter crops. Apart from potatoes, I am still undecided about what else to plant. If you have any suggestions, share them!


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