Hacking at the Willow

After lunch I ambled down to the allotment where I caught up with Cliff and Alan. It seems there has been quite a stir about the Community Garden and two opposing points of view about what should be done about it. Our Community Garden was created several years ago and so many people put so much of their time, knowledge and effort into making it beautiful. It does need a half day with a working party to clear the weeds and plant some new flowers.

On our plot, I grabbed the secateurs and began hacking at the willow screen by the shed. Its grown so high that I couldn’t lop the top off without standing on the step ladder. Some of the willow was grown really thick and it was hard graft to cut it but I was pleased with the end result. On a roll now, I moved onto the willow arch. After another hour, I had pruned back the willow on the path side and began working my way back towards the shed on the other side.

When I was within shouting distance of finishing, the heavens opened. One minute it was dry but overcast, the next, it was a complete monsoon. I sprinted back into the shed, pausing only to shut in the Weed Destroyers into their run.

Half an hour later, the rain has stopped and I carried on wrestling with the willow. Now in addition to struggling to trim the top of the willow, it was soaking wet. Each time I managed to cut a branch, I dowsed me with water. By the time I had finished, I was soaked and nursing a blistered hand. But it was done! Depending on the weather, it might need one more big trim before the winter.

Next, I spent some time cuttings down some of the comfrey by the Omlet and got rid of some bindweed in the fruit section. As an added touch, I pruned the plum tree as it seemed to have diseased branches and removed the thorny root tree that the plum was grafted onto. It does needs some more work but I decided to call it a day. Always assuming the weather is dry tomorrow, I will prune the fruit bushes and weed the final two sections of the plot.

On the 21st of August, the local community is getting together to raise funds for the park. Rachel is running a stall and has asked for donations of fruit and vegetables from site to sell. Cliff will ask Phil to send out an email to all plot holders and I said I would write about it on my blog. Here’s hoping lots of people will donate to Rachel’s stall.


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