A Hencouraging Update

This morning before work, the AP’s and I walked down to the allotment. After several days of overcast skies and rain, the sun had appeared. Our first priority was to check on Phil’s Buff Orpington. There was condensation on the inside of the greenhouse so I opened up the front and back doors to get more fresh air in. The Orpington was standing where we left her yesterday. Initially, I thought this was rather concerning but as I stepped into the greenhouse she backed off towards the door. No sign of wobbly or weak legs which always great. Her food bowl still had a lot of food in it but the water bowl was half empty. Grabbing a few kale leaves, I tried to tempt her with them. She wouldn’t take it from my hand but enthusiastically gobbled some up when I put it on the floor. Leaving her to enjoy her green treats, we wandered down to sort out the rest of the flock.

As we approached the Omlet, we spotted Roxy sunbathing, merrily hogging the best bit of sunny ground. Poor Trixy and Foxy didn’t get a look in! Yet again, the weed destroyers have refused to lay eggs. It’s been a few days since we last had eggs and although I assume it’s because some of them are still regrowing feathers, it could well be out of spite.

In the main coop we found Tommy in full voice. Close to he really is rather deafening! Treats thrown out and as they were scoffing, Phil swung by to say hello. We had a quick chat about the Buff Orpington and he agreed that she couldn’t go back in with the brown leghorns. I offered to have her in our new coop with Lilja, Leia and Sadie whilst she recovered. The issue is that whichever coop she goes into, she will have to fight for position. But it might be best to go into a coop without a cockerel? I left it entirely up to Phil but a small part of me hopes to find a gigantic buff-coloured ball of feathers in the coop tomorrow! No eggs either in the Nest House, nor on the floor or in the poo bucket, thankfully! It was early and most of the girls were just starting to eat breakfast. Our hens tend to lay later in the day.

Over by the new coop, our monochrome trio were busy scratching the ground. Lilja is such an impressive bird – and doesn’t she know it! With plenty of food and water available, I left them with stern instructions to get their act together and start laying eggs!

Later in the day, I walked back to the allotment to check on the Orpington. She was happily strutting up and down the greenhouse. More food had gone so she’s definitely eating again. Before I left, I went to check on the weed destroyers. There is nothing better than a quick cuddle with Roxy after a long day. I love how much she enjoys being on my shoulder!

Over the next few days, Cliff and I will keep a close eye on the Orpington. On the plot, I need to dig over the beds in preparation for winter.


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