Exciting Possibilities

With the darker nights rolling in and the weather cooling, the weeds are finally beginning to slow down. It’s also that time of year when some plots are given up as people struggle to juggle their work and family commitments. This year, we have had several changes of tenancy with new faces joining our community. The changes will probably continue over the winter and into the spring as the yearly subs day approaches.

Two years of being on the waiting list and I am beginning to get hopeful that I might be able to get a non-flooding half plot in the next year. If it a works out, it means we can grow our vegetables on a half plot and not watch in despair as they drown in the rising flood water.

On our plot, I have decided to develop the different beds into miniature themed gardens. Exact themes and layout are to be decided over the next few months. It’s one of my favourite winter jobs, curled up with a hot drink with a cuddly cat, planning the plot for the following season. With the major upgrades this year, I want to continue these, moving onto the patio area and setting up a solar irrigation system for the greenhouse. I finally concede that I am utterly useless at remembering to water plants and this way, I won’t have to!

So the next few weeks will be busy planning for the new season and attempting to mouse-proof the shed. I might even bring down my laptop and work on my book…


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