Henry Street Chicken Hospital

This morning, I walked down to the allotment a little concerned about what I would find in the greenhouse. Cliff’s black leghorn was so poorly yesterday that I was half expecting to find she had passed away over night.

There she was! Standing slightly hunched in the middle of the greenhouse. As I went in, she darted away from me. That was a big improvement on yesterday as she just let me pick her up. I cornered her and wedged her between my legs as I tried (rather unsuccessfully) to get some more apple sauce and oregano into her beak. She put up a fight, another good sign, and refused to eat it. But spying a rejected lump of apple on my hand bent down and scoffed it. Once chickens refuse food, it is incredibly difficult to get them to eat independently. Pleased, I left her and went down to the main coop to make up a good bowl for her.

When I returned, I found Cliff watching his chicken happily scoffing fresh greens and corn. I was amazed at how she seems to have bounced back so quickly. We borrowed from Geoff a large dog bowl to ensure she has easy access to water. As soon as it was put down, she walked straight over to it and began to drink. Clearly she was very thirsty. Rather than disturb her anymore, we left her to eat and drink in peace. She does still gape a little but we decided to see how she goes over the next few hours.


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