Medicines Glore

So today I went down twice to try and help out Cliffs black leghorn. She didn’t look very good this morning. Fortunately, I had some Flubenvet powder left from when I last wormed our flock. I measured out her food carefully and added half a scoop of powder. Mixing it in thoroughly took time and I made sure to remove all other food to ensure she eats her medicated pellets.

Late this afternoon, my husband and I walked down armed with a different medicine which I had found when rummaging around at home. It’s called Tylan Extra and is a yellowish powdered antibiotic. Mixed in water, it is used to treat chickens for all number of different respiratory infections. After receiving advice from an avian veterinary group online, I put a quarter of a teaspoon into a litre of water. It took a while to dissolve even when stirred.

As a final precaution, my husband held her as I drip fed her the medicated water from a syringe. I managed to get her to drink the best part of 6 syringes before she got fidgety. Placing her carefully down, we watched her. She did seem better for having more liquid in her. I hope the antibiotics work quickly! The vet online said to give it to her every day for a week, making sure to change the water every 24 hours. Here’s hoping it works!


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