Another Poorly Chicken

I arrived down on site early this morning ready to meet with a representative from the Allotment Federation. I got the stove up and running ready for a hot chocolate apiece before going to the car park to let Kerry in. Our meeting was very productive and Derek came to join in for a bit too. It seems like there will be lots of work for Kerry to do!

After Kerry left, I went to have a chat with Geoff, Cliff and Will who had been busy creating Geoff’s new car parking spot beside his shed. It looks amazing! All it needs is a scooter parking sign as a final touch!

Back on the plot, I dashed around the chicken coops and topped up their food and water. When I was in the main coop, I spotted Cassie crouching down, looking rather sorry for herself. As I picked her up, I felt her keel bone and realised she was quite wobbly on her legs. Worried, I decided to move her into the greenhouse with Cliff’s black leghorn. Instantly, the black leghorn attacked Cassie so I had no choice but to take her home. Tucked underneath my arm, I walked home, getting some strange looks from the neighbours.

I filled a box with warm water and put her in the bath. She did seem to perk up a bit after about fifteen minutes in it. She had a few sips of drink and a few pecks at brewers yeast paste which should give her a boost of B vitamins. I used an old towel go dry her off and put her in the indoor cage to finish drying off. She was still very wobbly and I am concerned an egg may have broken inside her. Regular warm baths may help her pass the remaining egg if it is what I think it is. Hopefully she will perk up tomorrow!


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