Stars Over the Allotment

After several hours of tossing and turning last night, I gave up trying to sleep at 5am. Getting up, I walked down to the allotment to check on the chickens. It’s surprised me how many people were out at half five. I checked Leia and Flora in the greenhouse first, refilling their food and water as quietly as possible so as not to disturb them. Nothing stirred in the Omlet as I filled the little weed destroyers food and water. The site is so peaceful at this time of day, before the background hum of traffic starts and the chickens wake.

Down in the big coops, I refreshed water and filled food bowls. By the time I had nearly finished, Tommy had clearly decided he disliked my moving around the coop in the middle of the night. Without warning, he let out a massive crow which made me jump out of my skin. At close quarters, he is almost deafening! Muttering something unprintable under my breath, I went across to the new coop. As I arrived, I was greeted by a small strangled crow. Poor Gordon, he really is outclassed by Tommy when it comes to crowing!


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