Christmas Plans

With another looming lockdown which would ruin our Christmas plans for the second year in a row, I decided to cheer myself up by planning on how to decorate the shed. Over the past few years, I had wanted to have a little Christmas tree outside the shed with lights. A good idea but I have never managed to be organised enough to buy a tree, pot it on and decorate it.

Browsing B&Q earlier today, I came across a section of small Christmas trees which were half price. It seemed churlish to not pick one up! We carefully chose a Picea Conica which stands about 2ft tall. My husband lugged it to the car and I began to work out how I would decorate it tomorrow morning. Then I remembered we had some old tinsel which would look perfect in the shed. By the time we got home, it was too dark to do anything but I had a productive evening rummaging through our old Christmas decorations. Excited about the prospect of Christmas lights and another tree to decorate, I planned to be down the allotment early tomorrow!


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