Slab Removal Services

This evening, Cliff, Will and I went back to collect the last of the slabs. Just before I set off to meet Cliff at the allotment to help attach the trailer, I grabbed half a dozen eggs to give to the gentleman who owned the slabs. I also thought it might be a good bribe when asking to see the mini dinosaurs he keeps.

As Will got the trolley and went to get the first of the slabs, I helped Cliff reverse into the driveway and reattach the trailer. Quickly and efficiently, we loaded up three 3″ x 2″ slabs and several smaller slabs.

Just before we left, I got a quick look at the two Cayman. Prehistoric and utterly majestic in the water as they swam in their pool. The second one was basking in the shallows, it’s brown eyes watching me avidly through the glass. Although both of these Caymen were no more than four foot long, just seeing them gave me goosebumps.

Tomorrow, I need to do some jobs at home including replacing a fence panel and taking down the old shed. But I will be helping Cliff do another run to the tip with the last of the site rubbish.


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