The Middle Tap

Over the past weeks, we have been organising a new site project. The back corner of the site, next to the Razza, doesn’t have easy access to a tap. Added to which, when the pond needs topping up or refilling, we need two hoses to reach it from the nearest tap. So the committee has decided to add a new one which will run along the middle path to the end of the Community Garden.

Fortunately, we have someone on site who knows a bit about plumbing and he has advised us on the sizing of pipe and components we need. Derek ordered all the parts whilst Cliff and Geoff got busy digging the 50m long ditch to bury the new pipe. They have cleverly run it alongside the middle path so that the slabs don’t have to be lifted. By the time I arrived on site at lunchtime, the pipe was in and just waiting for the expert to connect it up!

This will make an enormous difference to the plots at this end of the site. Added to which, the new tap will make the job of refilling the pond a breeze next week when we have a working party to renovate it.

The plan is to drain the water, keep the silt in buckets and remove the old, ripped liner on Saturday. By Sunday, we plan to put in the underlay and new liner, replace the silt and refill the pond. I have been storing the pond liner and supplies at home for several weeks and I can’t wait to have the space back! Plus, the pond will look amazing when it’s done!


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