Signs of Spring

When I walked down to the allotment, I was relieved that the storms seemed to have finally stopped. Well, for now! The sun was out, the sky had patches of blue between the clouds. All the chickens were enjoying spending time outside in the sunshine after days of huddling inside their nest boxes. Over in the new coop, the warring factions have changed slightly. Leia, Flora and two of the bantams seemed happy to share the food bowl while Gordon and the other two girls stayed back. I was quite surprised that the dynamic had changed so quickly. However, they do still need a few more days to fully integrate.

As I ambled around the plot, I was delighted to see some signs of life on our fruit trees and bushes. I just hope that the predicted Storm Gladys doesn’t bring snow or frost which would kill off the buds!

The plan for tomorrow, always assuming it’s still dry, is to clean out the chicken coops and pick up some more chicken food.


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