The Wonders of Spring

This morning, something incredible happened in the new coop. We had no idea that something momentous had happened until my husband came back from the allotment carrying it. As he put away the morning’s haul of eggs, he pointed out a small white-ish egg. He had found it in the nest box in the new coop, laid next to Leia’s usual offering. Could it be?!

Running through the list of hens in that coop, I could immediately eliminate Leia (large brown eggs) and Flora (large olive eggs). As pathetic as Gordon is, he clearly wouldn’t be laying. So it must be one of the bantam girls! I was so excited as we have waited months and months for them to come into lay. They are nine months old and most chickens can lay from six months. So now that at least one of them is laying, I guess I’ll have to reward them by finally naming them all!

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