Signs of Life

This morning I dashed down to the allotment to help load up the skip with broken glass. The three back to back storms caused absolute havoc with everyone’s greenhouses. Most of us lost some glass and a handful lost all their glass. To keep everyone safe, we have been storing the broken glass in designated bins. But with ten full bins and the site mostly clear, we needed to get rid of it. Sarah organised a skip that arrived yesterday and several of us offered to help fill it today. Unbeknown to the Friday volunteers, the bins were all emptied into the skip yesterday afternoon. So when we all arrived on site, armed with boots, long sleeves and gloves, there was nothing to do!

As my husband fed the chickens, I checked on our seed trays in the greenhouse. I never remember how long seeds take to sprout. I understand it’s different for different plants, but trying to remember them all is a feat I have yet to master. Much to my surprise, I found some are beginning to sprout! Typically, I can’t remember what seeds went in which tray. But things are growing!

Over the next few days, I’ll be checking (and watering) the trays, hoping more seeds will begin to grow. At home there has also been some exciting news – Cirrus has sat on her eggs flawlessly for ten days. I have put her food and water within break range as she refuses to move off the eggs. This is especially impressive as she is such a tiny hen to cover six eggs. Using a torch, I have candled the eggs and I am fairly certain that four are fertile. One in particular, you could see the veins and a black wriggling dot which is the developing chick.

Many people think magic only happens in fairy stories, but there is wonder and magic in the world around us, if we only take the time to look for it.

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