It’s All Happening in the Greenhouse

After work, I pottered down to the plot to feed the chickens. As usual, as I approached the shed, Roxy’s loud shout went up, quickly followed by Trixie and Foxy. You really don’t need a guard dog to alert you, just have chickens! They refused to quieten until their beaks were buried in their refilled food bowl. Trixie seems to have decided she isn’t going to bother with being broody for now. During the last week, she has been stubbornly sitting on the nest and I have resorted to turfing her off to try and discourage her. With Cirrus sitting on eggs at home, we don’t have any spare coops for Trixie to be broody in!

I collected two eggs from the Nest House and, keeping a close eye on Tommy, I threw out some sunflower seeds and checked on their food. Tommy is still being a little bit defensive so I am being extra careful when walking around the coop.

In the New Coop, I was barely through the door before the Littlest Bantam landed on my arm. She’s adorable but needs to start eating with the others. Despite Leia being three times the size of the others, she is still being quite quiet and I’m not sure whether she is being bullied or just lonely without Flora. I may put another of the girls in with her to see if she perks up. Honestly, that chicken is such a drama queen!

Leaving all the chickens busy scoffing treats, I headed across to Phil’s Bee Shed and collected a pane of glass for the greenhouse. He kindly offered to let me find a piece that would fit in our greenhouse from his spare glass collection. Being rather clumsy, I usually leave glass repairs in the greenhouse to those who are more qualified and less likely to drop or smash it! But with great care, I got the new pane into place and then I hit a snag. The triangular pieces for either side of the door wouldn’t fit. I checked and rechecked it, rotating the glass to see if it actually didn’t fit or it was just me not doing it right. Deciding to refer to Cliff who knows about fixing greenhouses, I left the triangular pieces for another day.

Inside the greenhouse, lots has happened. Shockingly, some of the seed trays have produced plants! I am always amazed when this happens as I lack the green fingers required for successful growing. Although I have only a vague recollection of what is planted in each tray, over half of the trays are displaying signs of life. I am somewhat disappointed that the tomato tray hasn’t produced anything yet but maybe they take a little longer to germinate? Excited by the growth, I gave all the trays a quick water and went home bursting with the news that, as yet, we haven’t killed off the seedlings!

Tomorrow’s plan is to hoe over the plot again as the weeds are coming back fast. I also need to work out where all these seedlings are going to go! If there’s time, I will also plant the remaining seed potatoes somewhere. Which reminds me, I need to get my hands on some main crop potatoes too…


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