RIP Princess Leia

Leia was a princess chicken, not only because she was born on Star Wars Day but because she demanded (and received!) the best treats and companions. Ever dramatic, we nearly lost her at two days old when she caught hypothermia from being lost outside away from Emily and her siblings. Mere weeks later, we rushed her to the vet as she had lost the ability to stand and walk. She spent several weeks recuperating in the greenhouse.

Leia’s first companion was Rey, one of our gorgeous cream Legbars. Together they enjoyed causing chaos until Leia went broody. Incredibly, Leia hatched five white leghorn chicks and was incredibly devoted to them. She funnelled Emily’s evil broody stare like no other along with her aggression to protect her chicks.

Although she always struggled to mix with larger groups of chickens, she was a steadfast companion with Rey, Lilja and Sadie over the years. Latterly, she and Flora made quite the intimidating duo, bossing around the bantams in the new coop.

Leia was a complete drama queen, demanding and bossy but she was a survivor with a big personality. Flora, Rey and Sadie will miss her, as will I. Leia ruled with an Iron Beak but she had a wonderfully caring side. It’s always hard to loose such a special bird and the allotment doesn’t seem the same without her hollering at you until the treats were brought out.


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