Berries, berries and berries

Late this afternoon, I managed to get down to the allotment to get some jobs done. I ambled around the plot, feeding the chickens and cleaning out the water bowls. Trixie was still insisting she is broody and threw an absolute wobbly when I turfed her out of the nest. Shrieking her disapproval, she joined Foxy by the food and hungrily tucked in. There must have been something in the air as Tommy was quite confrontational. I fended him off with a good bin lid. Over in the new coop, Gordon was trying to make his mark by shouting loudly. I collected seven eggs from the nest box and headed back to the shed.

Much to Foxy’s disgust, I didn’t let her out but grabbed the secateurs ready to do battle with the other side of the willow. It’s a slow process but keeping it under control is relatively easy if the willow is hacked back regularly. Trimming around the arch was tricky as I didn’t want to take too much off but i needed to keep the shape. An hour later, the plot side of the willow was done! The top of the willow I left for another day as I would need to get out the ladder to reach it.

With the willow done, I mooched down to the fruit section. Happily, everything is growing including the honeyberry bush. For the first time, the honeyberry actually had some fruit on! I tried one and it was unbelievably sour – so more waiting needed! The blackcurrant bushes are full and even the raspberries are beginning to fruit.

Yet again the apricot and plum trees have blossomed but haven’t produced any fruit. But this will be an apple year judging by the weight of fruit on the trees. The Cox’s Orange Pippin and Jonagold trees are absolutely heaving under the weight of the apples and I might have to support some of the branches.

We seem to have lost a few of the plants I planted last week but the survivors seem like they will make it. The potatoes are growing well and I’m hopeful that if we don’t have another deluge, we may actually have a potato harvest for the first time in years!

The plan for tomorrow is to play musical chickens as Cirrus and her chicks need more room. The plan involves moving chickens around in every coop which means it is unlikely we will get many eggs over the coming week!


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