Hoeing and Weeding

Late this evening, I walked down to the plot to do some weeding. The patio was completely overgrown with weeds – it’s been a job I have been putting off for a while. It is nearly impossible to get the roots out especially when they insist on growing between the slabs. The best I could do was to try and get as much out as possible and come back another day with some weed killer to finish off the job properly. Alan had a nifty trick of using WD40 on weeds and I have also read that white vinegar works too. As the only way to discover which is going to work best is by experimenting, I will get hold of both and see which works best.

In the greenhouse, I spread out the compost on the top of the raised bed and planted some of the tomato plants. We still have lots left that need planting but the problem is where to put them! It’s incredible that despite our plot being so large, we always seem to run out of room!

All the chickens were beginning to settle down for the night. Trixie and Foxy were cuddled up in the nest box together which was adorable. I just hope they integrate quickly with the others. Trixie and Foxy definitely are at the bottom of the pecking order. The littlest bantam seems to have been more accepted by the others and is mixing in with Gordon and the others more. If Trixie and Foxy struggle to integrate, we will have to try them in another coop. Much to my surprise, when I opened the Omlet, I discovered an egg! It’s always a bonus if Maude or Mavis decide to lay one.

My next job was to quickly hoe the beds in an attempt to keep the weeds at bay. At this time of year, the slightest bit of rain makes the weeds shoot up. Using the WolfGarten hoe, it was a quick job. A final check around, a quick goodbye to Tommy who was heading to bed and it was time to head home for dinner.

Over the next few days, I’m hoping that the chickens will settle down and go back to their egg laying. Cirrus and her chicks are enjoying their larger run and are growing fast. It’s incredibly difficult to sex a Silkie, typically you only know what it is either when it crows or lays an egg! I’m hoping we will be able to work it out before then!


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