All Change!

Another momentous day with the chickens today! This afternoon, I walked across to Nikki’s house to help her and Dylan set up their new Omlet Classic. Buying second hand is an excellent way of getting hold of one. The only downside is the lack of assembly instructions which can make what should be a short easy job into a difficult one. Happily, between us, we got it all up quite quickly. Nikki secured the base of the run with slabs and bricks to keep Mr Fox out.

With the run all ready to go, we all set off for the allotment with Dylan holding the carrier. At the New Coop, we caught two of the partridge bantams after identifying the Littlest Bantam. With Dylan’s chickens on their way to their new home, I ambled home to collect the new chickens. Poor Trixie looked really confused when the others were in the carrier. Having strenuously objected to her three visitors for the past 24 hours, I would’ve thought she would be happy to have the coop to herself. Apparently not.  Her exertions in fighting the others has made her limp a bit more noticeable. So another few quiet days in the coop before she can go back and join the others.

As I walked to the allotment, I caught the eye of a neighbour with a young child. They stopped to look at the chickens and I took out one for them to stroke. As I lifted the bird out of the carrier, I discovered that in the short time she had laid an egg! Saying goodbye to the neighbours, I headed onwards.

In the New Coop, Gordon, Foxy and the Littlest Bantam were waiting expectantly for me by the coop door. I put the carrier down and let the others investigate from the safety of the box.

After several minutes of Gordon dancing around the box, I took them out. I have decided to call the millefleur mum Gertie and her timid daughter Winnie. The beautiful little chocolate pekin, I have chosen to call Coco. For good measure, I have finally decided on a name for the Littlest Bantam, Elsie. There were lots of skirmishes between Elsie, Gertie and Winnie. Somehow Coco managed to stay out of most of it. Half an hour of refereeing later, I headed home, satisfied that Gordon would stop any fights.

So the plan for tomorrow is to go down early to check on our newest arrivals and to try to make sure that Trixie is taking enough rest for her leg.


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