RIP Winnie

Despite my best efforts and with support from the incredible American lady, Winnie passed away this evening. She was getting weaker and spending more time asleep. I found a nasty looking lump on her belly earlier today and that seemed rather ominous. But it wouldn’t explain all her other symptoms. She was such a happy friendly little hen and I have grown really attached to her.

During her four weeks at home, she picked up the nickname Winnie Burrito as I resorted to wrapping her in a tea towel when feeding her, leaving her indignant little face peering out of it. She loved being curled up on my chest, happily cheeping away at me. For several days, she joined me as I worked, providing encouragement and distraction in equal measure.

Winnie also had a lovely friendship with Coco, who would regularly come and visit her to cheer her up. They would spend hours cheeping merrily at each other. Much to my husband’s exasperation, Coco set up residence in the kitchen, perching smugly on the handle of the George Foreman grill. From there she would watch over Winnie and occasionally scoff her food.

Now that Coco is without her little buddy, I have put her in with the new silkies, Aurora, Arcus and Cumulus. She’s managing well but she does miss having a friend of her own size. I’ll have to try to find her a little friend to keep her company although no one could replace Winnie Burrito.


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