Post Christmas Weeding

It’s been a very eventful week and one which I will be happy to see the back of. We have had a family emergency which has been complicated by distance and Covid. To try and cheer myself up, I ambled down to the allotment. Winter afternoons are wonderful when it isn’t raining! The sun was low in the sky and as I worked, there was a lovely sunset. Maude and Mavis watched closely as I grabbed the hoe and made a start on the beds at the top of the plot.

A quarter of an hour later, most of the beds were hoed and although the light was gone, I decided to leave picking out the weeds for tomorrow. Instead, I grabbed the secateurs and began trimming back the willow. It’s fascinating to see how the willow has grown. The centre of the willow arch has grown strong and the branches that I braided together several years ago have permanently twisted together. The smaller branches needed some proper pruning to make sure the path is clear but also to reshape the arch which has become a little ungainly this year.

My final job before I completely lost the light was to remove some leaves and the seemingly endless blanket weed from the pond. Unfortunately, the liner must have a leak as even with all the rain we have had in the last couple of weeks, it’s still only half full. Fortunately, there should be a little bit of leftover liner from an upcoming project which should just do the trick!

So the plan tomorrow is to clear out the wildflower beds and the greenhouse. Despite the greenhouse needing some additional glass, I want the rest of it to be cleared and ready to start off the seeds in the new year. This year, I have promised myself, I will start my seeds off early. And if that doesn’t work out, to at least have the seeds growing before April….


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