This Little Piggy Went to Market

Last week something rather unusual happened to my husband as he walked home. Adventures with animals always seem to happen to me so I could hardly believe it when he arrived home to tell me what he saw! Walking home, near the retail park, he spotted what he thought was a dog running down the road ahead of him. The animal wasn’t on a lead and there was no sign of an owner. Last year we had an incident with a savage dog on the street who attacked another dog and several people before being shot by armed police. Curious, my husband tried to get closer to get a better look.

As the animal dashed across the street, my husband caught a glimpse of it’s profile. Rather than a muzzle, it had a snout! By the time he had processed what he saw the suspected pig had disappeared around the corner of the newsagents. Back at home, he told me he thought he had seen a pig on the way home. Rolling my eyes, I didn’t think much more about it until my husband sent me an article from a local online news hub!

It turns out that a piglet escaped from a farm on the other side of Crewe! It walked three miles and was found ambling around by the retail park. It’s a rare breed from New Zealand called Kunekune. For most unusual animal encounter in Crewe, I think my husband is the winner!


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