Another Cold Snap

As I smashed the ice on the top of the waterbutt before work this morning, I wondered about how warm the last few winters have been. It seems so much colder this year and I have to keep reminding myself it’s January and cold weather is normal at this time of year. The Met Office is forecasting snow for later today but I’m not holding my breath. Crewe never seems to get snow. Even last month when temperatures dropped to minus eight degrees and the rest of the country was covered in snow, there was none in Crewe. However, I am now well practiced in dealing with the chicken’s frozen drinkers…

I dashed around the different coops, making sure everyone had an extra portion of corn. Our girls adore corn. They go crazy for it. You shouldn’t give them too much as it doesn’t provide complete nutrition but it has one very important benefit. Birds have really high metabolisms which means they process food very quickly. Corn however, takes a little longer and their digestive system has to work a little harder. This extra work generates heat and helps keep the bird warm.

There is something so lovely about the allotment being covered by a hard frost (never snow!). Each leaf and branch are edged with tiny ice crystals and there is an incredibly satisfying crunch underfoot as you walk down the plot. Needless to say, none of the girls are impressed but they are beginning to come into lay again which is exciting. Especially as we have had to resort to buying eggs several times already this winter!

Later in the afternoon, a few token flakes of snow fell. There is more snow forecast for tonight but if we get more than a handful of flakes, I’ll be very surprised. But I live in hope!

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