More Signs of Spring

Before work this morning, I fed the home chickens and quail. With DEFRA finally lifting Flockdown on next week (the 18th April), it’s so good to know that the girls will be able to explore the garden again.

After feeding the fluffy and ravenous silkies and shifting three idiotic birds off the nest. I had heard that silkies were broody but these girls are unreal! I’ve been turfing various broody silkies off the nest since January! Anyway, I digress…

Quinn has been increasingly friendly, coming to the front of the cage and demanding food. Today she excelled herself by nearly escaping as I opened the door to put in the food. I don’t know why she’s so desperate for the food considering she hogs most of it! After fending off Quinn, I scanned the cage to check that they haven’t knocked over their water. For once they hadn’t, but I spotted something unusual in their wicker house. Upon closer inspection, I saw it was an egg!

It’s our first quail egg this year and I can’t wait to see how many we get this year. My next challenge is to work out which coloured quail egg belongs to who!


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