RIP Cirrus

After a long day at work, I came back home to find Cirrus in quite a state, lying on the run floor. We quickly pulled her out and I checked her over. No obvious signs of water belly, injury to hips and legs or hard lump in the belly suggesting that she was egg bound. I wrapped her in a towel and tried to get some food and water down her but she was too far gone. Sadly, she had a couple of seizures and passed away in my arms a little while later.

Cirrus was a very special hen as she was one of the original trio of silkies I got as tiny chicks two and a half years ago. She had a big personality and was always first out of the nest box in the morning, sprinting flat out to be the first to the treats. Hilariously, she terrorised our cats despite being a quarter of their size!

Last year, Cirrus hatched a clutch of chicks and was an incredibly dedicated broody. All silkies are excellent mothers but Cirrus was absolutely outstanding. For three weeks she sat on the eggs, refusing to move even to get food or to go to the loo. I had to resort to turfing her off on a daily basis to make sure she was eating and got to stretch her legs.

Small but mighty, Cirrus will always remain one of my favourite chickens.


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