Yet More Coop Cleaning

Busy day today but I managed to squeeze in cleaning out the Topknot Gang’s coops this evening. Coop cleaning can be such a faff and usually takes ages. As my husband got busy prepping dinner, I challenged myself to see if I could clean both Omlets before dinner was ready. Removing the old bedding completely is probably the longest part of the job followed by waiting for the coop to dry.

Despite looking everywhere, I couldn’t find the anti-mite fluid so the cleaning consisted of water assisted by a hard bristled brush. Even though it wasn’t the usual clean, the inside of the next box scrubbed up really well. Pleased with my progress, I left everything to dry before swapping to the other coop. In this coop, I had to turf Trixie and Stratus off the nest. Stratus is only half broody and was fairly easy to sort out. Trixie was another matter. She was not impressed at being turfed off and made this abundantly clear by yelling at me without stopping for the next ten minutes.

With mere minutes until dinner, I threw in the new bedding and opened the door to let the girls in. My work was thoroughly inspected by Cumulus and Trixie and I assume they are happy as the angry clucking stopped!

The quails have been busy laying the last few days. It’s so exciting to collect the eggs, either brown and speckled from Quinn or clear blue from Queenie. One complication of Quinn getting tamer is that she almost escapes each time I open the cage to swap their water or feed them. So far she hasn’t escaped but I have a feeling it’s only a matter of time!


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