The reason why having an allotment can save you from a total breakdown

IMG_20140913_102904Work was difficult today. It was okish this morning but took a huge dive this afternoon. I am drowning in paperwork for next week and have no idea how I will get it all done in time. Stress levels are rising rapidly.

Until I get down to the allotment. Well, more accurately, about 10 minutes after I arrive. I open the gate and leg it down to the chickens reciting my ever-growing to do list. A short power walk to my plot and into the chicken coop, following by rummaging through the food storage containers for their food. I curse the fact that the bin lid is stuck and swear at it until it comes off. All the while the chickens are trying to jump up on to me to get at the food quicker. But as I throw the food out to the chickens and see their happiness at being fed, combined with the calm surroundings, broken only by the chickens squabbling over a particularly nice looking sunflower seed, suddenly the world doesn’t seem so bad.

I leave the allotment less stressed, even cheerful, knowing that the paperwork will get done somehow. If it all becomes too much, as it often does, there is always a little oasis of peace just around the corner.


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