A glorious morning

Up early to sort out the chickens this morning. The air is crisp with just a hint of frost, the autumn sun is shining and the young cockerels are attempting to perfect their call. No one else was on site when I arrived, making the allotment seem even more removed from the hustle and bustle of normal life.

The improvements to the chicken coop ccontinue, thanks to Geoff, and I think the girls will be all the better for it. Well, once they work out that the sleeping perch is for sleeping on…. It could take a while…..


Tomorrow will be a day to concentrate on making serious inroads to the new plot. We are going to try and clear half of it and remove as much rubbish as possible. It will be hard work but will make a huge difference come the spring!

I wonder if its bad that after only six months of having an allotment, I can’t imagine life without it…?



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