The skip

I got a message from Cliff from the allotment site saying a skip is arriving on Thursday morning to help me and two other tennants remove the enormous piles of rubbish left by the previous Tennant. This tennantoves from plot to plot leaving a trail of destruction and mountains of rubbish behind him.

The other half has his orders to get all three huge piles of rubbish to the car park ready for the skip on Thursday morning. He has his work cut out!

The new bed by the chicken coop on the new plot

With the colder weather, the chickens are laying less eggs but still plenty for both of us. On a good note, I now have a couple of people at work who want to have a regular supply of eggs thus covering the cost of food for the chickens. When it works out, elf-sufficiency is awesome!

I am away tomorrow but I shall rush down to the allotment to see the girls as I haven’t been down for the last two days (husband has been on chicken duty!). I really miss going down to the allotment when work gets manic – I shall make up for missed time on the weekend (weather permitting)!


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