On your marks, get set, DIG!

Today was a momentous day. A day to rival any other day. A day where nothing can go wrong. Maybe I am overselling this….


But today has been a very productive. We have worked intensively on the new plot, making three new beds and digging over nearly half the plot.


We arrived down at the allotment to find Geoff has continued converting our chicken coop from run-down shed to Cluckingham Palace. The coop now has a full divider separating the chickens from the door – we have had a few close calls with Doris attempting to emulate Steve McQueen. This means we can go in and sort out bedding etc without worrying the chickens will escape!


With the removal of the enormous piles of rubbish from the new plot by Wayne on Wednesday, we could see the full size of the new plot. For a minute I worried we had bitten off more than we can chew. But thinking of all the things we want to grow, clearly we can fill two plots!


We have built a new bed in order to grow chicken food, mainly marrows, courgettes, chard and kale. This bed runs parallel to the coop, neatly dividing the plot into two; one half for food, the other half chicken related. In front of this we also build a second bed, contents as yet unknown.


We also laid out wooden planks and posts to outline another much larger bed on the other side of the coop. We haven’t dug this bed yet as it is currently buried under wood and fencing, ready to be used to extend the coop. The main objective for next weekend is to start building the coop extension and to dig and build more beds. We hope to have the basic outline of the beds and all the weeds removed before the clocks go back!


Just before we left, we dug up a whole load of parsnips, much to my husbands delight. Most of these are very unusual shapes but they look and smell perfectly edible.



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