Dusk at the allotment

Yesterday I popped down to the allotment to feed the chickens. It was about an hour or so earlier than I usually feed them when at work but with the clocks going back last week, it was getting dark quickly. When I got there 7 of them were out waiting whilst Peggie had clearly decided it was bedtime. I found her curled up inside on the top of the nest box, very grumpy when I disturbed her by turning on the light in order to collect eggs and clean their nest box. Ungrateful that’s what I say!


By the time I had finished it was definitely getting dark and most of the chickens were inside. Geoff offered to feed them in the morning when it is light as I can’t escape from work early enough to feed them in the daylight. I think we will have to take him up on that as it seems a bit unfair to have your food appear when you are off to bed. I know I would be miffed!


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