A lack of common sense

Today I popped down to the allotment to clear out the bedding in the nest box as well as feeding the chickens. The increase in mess left by 8 chickens rather than 5 means the bedding will need to be changed more often.

The ground is very wet so there was no point putting out the pellets as these tend to absorb the water and then the chickens refuse to eat them. So with their food mainly inside the coop, and some corn thrown outside, all that was left was to collect the eggs.


I came into the shed to find Doris trying to keep her place on the favourite nesting place against Masie who was practically sitting on Doris’s head.


I managed to extract an egg from between them and Doris left in a huff. Masie proceeded to lay an egg which I quickly collected. It was so warm! The favoured nesting place on the top of the nest box has been upgraded today. Cliff has found two wicker baskets which, when filled with straw, make a lovely chicken bed. Sadly most of the other chickens won’t get a look in unless there is a significant change in the pecking order or Doris and Peggie relinquish their hard won place.


The rain increased whilst I was there and most of the girls came into the warm and dry shed. Maggie, Peggie and Evie decided to get wet outside. Odd chickens!



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