Chicken nursing and bell peppers

After attending the remembrance day service in town, we pottered off to feed the chickens. With another 3 chickens, the battle to keep them off the mud intensifies. We dropped in loads of grass and spread it on the floor in the hope that it will keep them off the mud for a couple of days.


Three eggs this morning too. After tagging our new chickens (Evie with yellow, Annie with red and Betty with blue) we spotted Betty had a dodgy eye. This probably means she has been fighting with the others to climb up the pecking order. We called Cliff to come and have a look. What would we do without our resident chicken vet? He cleaned the eye and put in eye drops. All we need to do is keep an eye on Betty to check it clears up properly.


Aside from that all the girls seem to be doing well. Four are laying, shown by the vivid red colour of their comb.


Also, our bell peppers were finally ripe enough to pick today!



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