An assault course for chickens

This morning after running a few errands in town (picking up new storage pots for our homemade yogurt, a travel book on Scandinavia and some greens for the chickens) I pottered to the allotment. This past week I have been feeding them in the dark, much to their disapproval. Seeing their coop in daylight for the first time in a week revealed an ankle deep quagmire of mud and discarded greens and 8 black chickens…


Whilst I was debating about how on earth I could fond enough green vegetation to get them off the mud, I noticed that the shed on the new plot had gone! Finally! Cliff came by and suggested the plastic and wooden crates that formed the floor of the decrepit shed would be ideal for keeping the chickens off the mud. I lugged several of them across and placed them around the coop so they could get all over it but without being in the mud.


Inevitably, once the crates were in place, they stayed on the mud. Honestly! But I suppose they will go on them once the mud level rises past their waists…


On the down side, removing the crates revealed the entirety of the base of the shed was built on vast quantities of broken glass. Looks like we will have our work cut out to get rid of it.



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