Chickens vs 3 Humans – the match everyone wanted a ticket for!


Yesterday I had a study day, meaning the alarm clock didn’t go off at 06:30 am, bliss! After a few hours swearing at an assignment, I decided to pootle off to the allotment to get some fresh air, feed the chickens and get away from my laptop screen.


I arrived, said hello to the others on site, dealt with the chickens (hutch cleaned, fed and watered) and sat down for a well deserved tea break. On the way back from the tea break, I spotted two chickens had escaped from Phil’s coop. I roped in Chris, armed with his net, and Geoff to try to catch them and get them back into the coop. Needless to say, the chickens were not happy about three people chasing them around the outside of their coop with a net. Gosh those Cheshire Blue chickens were fast!


Eventually we got them back in! 


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