Winter at the allotment

So it has been a good while since my last post. This is for several reasons! First, it turns out that there really is very little to do in November and December on site (I rather suspect this will also be true for January and February). Most sensible people leg it onto site, cowering under multiple waterproof layers to feed their chickens (who weirdly choose to stay out in the appalling weather).

But there is good news. Doris and Lottie’s legs are looking better after some intensive TLC with medicated cream and Vaseline (yes you read that right!). Betty has been under the care of Chicken Medic Cliff and she seems to be doing much better. When I checked the girls last night she was in the perch with the rest of them, not sitting on her own as before.

The second reason is two-fold. Work is completely manic  – who ever said work winds down for Christmas was either lying or a sadist. Second, going to work and coming home in the dark means there is no time for doing anything,  unless gardening in the pouring rain and with a torch is your cup of tea!

Geoff is feeding the girls during the daylight so they eat at sensible times rather than in the dark. But I go across each night to check they are all in the coop and warm. Some thanks I get for it too – they make such a fuss when I turn the coop light on to check they are all in! Ungrateful that’s what I call it!

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