Mulch and catching Thumper!

We arrived down the allotment this morning hoping that our delivery of manure had arrived. It hadn’t. But a whole trailer of mulched leaves had been dumped on the car park, free for them as wants.


We borrowed two wheelbarrows and started to cart it back to our plot and deposit it in the coop. The mulch has several good features. First, it absorbs the moisture in the ground, drying it out and making it less of a swamp for the chickens. Second, it gives the chickens hours of unending amusement, trying to find morsels of food within the leaves. Thirdly, it is better for their feet as they will have dry ground to walk on.


We intend to do a few more barrel loads tomorrow. My other half had to dash off and finish off a bit of work so I carried on with another couple of barrows of mulch. Halfway through a barrow, Cliff the Vet came past and asked for help in catching a stray rabbit. It was white with brown splodges, clearly a much loved pet.


So commenced an hour or a bit more of various people sprinting around the allotment in chase of a lightening fast rabbit who had no intention of being caught! Eventually Cliff and I cornered it and I got hold of it. My hands still bare the bruises I got from the angry rabbit as it back paws went into complete overdrive, kicking anything that it would reach (in this case my hands). Cliff ran for a cage and we dumped it in rather unceremoniously.


We took it next door as we knew their rabbits had escaped a few days before. Luckily, rabbit has been returned home safe and sound. Let’s hope he doesn’t go a wondering again soon… I don’t think my hands could take it!



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