Four funerals and a potato

Sad news from the allotment this week. Emily’s chicks were due to hatch on Thursday and I rushed back from work to find she had left the nest and the eggs were cold. We lost 4 beautiful chicks, who appeared to be healthy and only a few hours from being born.


Our disappointment was compounded by realising that serving was drastically wrong with Emily who refused to eat and spent all day groggy and asleep. Geoff and Cliff expected that she might not make it through the night.

Luckily by today she is back to her perky (if grumpy) self and is eating manically to catch up on lost time. Her comb has gone back to being pink, from almost slate grey on Thursday evening – a good sign.


Today the other half dug over massive amounts of our second plot and we planted 4 rows of potatoes. Long overdue sadly but I guess we don’t have to worry about the frost!


Tomorrows jobs include weeding and digging over a large section overgrown by grass in the top plot and planting beans in the greenhouse.

Oh, and sorting out a rat problem….


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