Preparations for the new greenhouse

Today I ambled down to the allotment planning to clear a large section of the ground ready to start preparing the ground for the base of the new greenhouse.


After feeding the chickens, from whose reaction you would think they had never been fed, and the quail (all four still alive), I grabbed a fork and settled down to work.


I managed to clear a good section of ground by the compost container but hit a snag with the well the previous tenant installed. It sits left of centre where I plan to place the new greenhouse. Filling it in would be a hassle as would trying to grow produce around it. I decided to leave this decision for another day and carried on clearing until lunchtime.


Geoff has been on our plot today tinkering with some sort of wiring for the new coop extension. Not entirely sure what he is upto but he is happily plodding away.


Also, I checked up on our Vorwerk chicks – sadly I agree with Steve and Cliff that we have two cockerels. The farmer is due to arrive down on the site within the next couple of weeks, especially as some of the cockerels have started to crow. Luckily for us, Geoff and Cliff are selling the cream legbar hens for £5 a bird, so we have asked to reserve two in order that we have four young birds in our flock to keep up egg production.



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