Three barrows of mulch, raspberries and two cockerels

This morning, to my enduring relief, there were still four quail in the coop. More importantly, all four still alive!


The chickens are particularly bossy and tried to make out I never feed them. I checked Lottie and her prolapse – she had a blockage with an egg a couple of weeks ago and its important we keep an eye on it. A blockage can cause an internal rupture which can cause death. However, she seems full of beans and happily digging in the coop.


I decided today was the day to take full advantage of the remaining mulch in the car park. Three wheelbarrows later, the area beneath the fruit bushes on the bottom plot have been covered in mulch in a desperate attempt to stem weed growth. While there is still some mulch left, I plan to put some under the fruit trees in the top plot, covering the weed suppressant fabric.



Plans for the next couple of weeks include:

Clear the ground for the greenhouse base

Make the greenhouse base

Transport the greenhouse to the allotment site

Sort out pathing for the new path separating the bottom plot from Plot 46



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