Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to work we go!

Overcast though the weather might be, we set off armed with a renewed determination and vigor to get the top plot dug.


Fortunately, the baby decided to sleep in the pram for an hour so we managed to get a large section of the top plot dug. The overgrown section will be tackled next week after we have dug the rest of the top plot. Sadly, she didn’t stay asleep the entire time we were down there so my husband, armed as ever with a bottle of milk, fed her whilst I continued to dig.


By 12 pm we decided to call it a day and hubby and baby went for a walk to the local chippy while I had a good natter with Geoff and the lads. Poor Geoff was a little miffed with his flock – ’13 chickens and only 4 poxy eggs’ was his comment for the day!


I introduced the baby to our chickens today – judging from the  reaction, she thought they were a bit odd to look at. She might have a point!


The base for the new chicken shed is in progress – Geoff has picked us up some old railway sleepers to use as a solid base rather than the slabs we initially intended to use. It not only works out cheaper but means it’s easier to build!
All that is left is to source a shed.


I have also started an initial clearing of the potting table in the greenhouse. If baby continues to sleep well in the pram, hopefully I can get down there to do more jobs next week!


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