And then there were nine…

So we made a triumphant return to our allotment after surviving a trip down south via a 4 hour train journey to visit my parents complete with half the contents of our house and the kitchen sink. Having survived that, it was time to crack on with real work!


Not only are the trees starting to grow their leaves back but the rhubarb is starting to appear quickly and the relentless war on weeds is beginning anew.


While I attempted to do some weeding (not very successfully as little monster decided to wake up halfway through!), my ever reliable husband dug over the next section of the top plot. It looks great now – just a small section at the back and the irradication of the grassy patch in the middle of the plot to go!


The base for the new chicken shed has been laid by the wonderful Geoff. We have decided on a shed so are in the process (finally!) of ordering it. It will be a 10 x 8 ft shed allowing room for chickens and their massive new nest box (again made by Geoff) in one half whilst the other half will give us room for storage of their food and bedding. And if we are lucky, a small space to shelter in the dry when it rains!


Shortly before lunch, I went down to check on our flock of feathery egg machines to find Maggie missing. I looked in the shed but couldn’t see her. Finally, I found her outside, under the raised quail coop, dead. Sadly, I called my husband and we dug her a little grave and buried her. Although she was very old (4-5 years) and defied medical science by living for over a year with sour crop, it is sad to see another of our original chickens go.


Maybe this gives us leeway to attempt to hatch some more chicks this year? We are under the limit of 12 chickens and have room for 3 more. However, I think it more likely that we will get a lift with the next person to go to Chelford market and pick up three new birds from there.



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