Death to grass!

This evening, I again snuck out of the house and of baby bedtime to do some serious allotment work. As ever, my trusty side-kick Fiona joined me after work.

We decided to go all out to tackle the massive grass patch which after spending three hours on, is now called “B*****d grass!”. Fiona worked like a maniac, clearing the worst of the grass singlehandedly. Tired by baby-induced lack of sleep, I worked around the edges of the grass, clearing as much as I could.

One magic moment after nearly 2 hours, we joined two cleared bits of land, previously covered, caked or even coated with at least 5 different types of grass, dandelions and a range of other weeds. It was a glorious moment. We marked it by heaving the third wheelbarrow load to the compost heap on the bottom plot.

Over the next hour, we cleared some more however progress (understandably slower) lessened and by 20:00 hrs we called it a night.

More works include: sourcing panels for the new coop, uprooting and moving the rhubarb, getting rid of the gooseberry bushes, moving the fruit bushes from the bottom plot, moving the railway sleepers to mark the fruit section, clear  out and tidy the greenhouse and repaint the shed. 

So not much. 


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