A new coop and a home for wildlife

Today I took my daughter and my parents for a short walk to the allotment.  Be under no delusions that this trip had anything to do with work or weeding but more to do with fresh air and stretching the legs.

Cliff’s beautiful passion plant growing all over his shed

When we arrived we met Phil and had a quick catch up before he headed off to feed his chickens. Not many other people were around but it gave me the chance to show Mum and Dad the half plot that Fiona is in line to take over. 

Cliff’s amazing greenhouse covered in gorgeous passion flowers

Mum insisted on going around and seeing lots of the chickens, especially as there are some very rare breeds on site at the moment. Naked necks being by far the strangest…

On walking to our plot, we discovered that Geoff had been hard at work erecting our new coop. It’s not quite finished yet but it looks amazing and it will be great to have all the girls together in one place, free from red mite and rats.

The bottom plot has grown wild and apart from taking a couple of plants to move to the top plot, it has been left to the weeds. As it turns out there are now rules which state that one plot per site must be kept free as a wildlife sanctuary. It seems our difficult bottom plot is going to have major works done on it to turn it into a haven for wildlife. Plans include a pond and a couple of beehives to promote not only the preservation of these important insects, but to assist growing of plants on site. Added bonus is that our plot is right next to it so I fully intend to grow lots of flowers to entice them towards my vegetables!  

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