Gluhwein and Digging 

Today we finally went down to the allotment and started to sort out the chaos. We went down to start digging over the soil in preparation for planting in a few weeks time.

In the last few weeks, Fiona has also managed to get a half plot at the back of the site, sharing her plot with Geoff.  She has decided to keep the raised beds and has inherited a fabulous shed with a hand built pseudo-greenhouse on the front. 

On our plot, my husband set off at a rate of knots, clearing a large section in front of the shed. I moved the frame of our large greenhouse next to the new coop as well as tidying the spare wood away to clear more space. The relocated compost bin has begun to be filled with old apples and buckets of weeds to make a rich compost for next year.

We rounded off the days work by celebrating with a hot mug of gluhwein

 There was a lovely sunset too!


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