And so it begins 

Yesterday and today,  I pottered along to the allotment to feed the chickens and start to dig over the plot ready for the growing season. 

The chickens seem to be doing well, although Geoff is a little concerned that they aren’t eating as much as they should. This doesn’t seem to have had any effect on our steadily increasing egg supply.

I visited some of the other chickens on site today and stumbled upon Phil’s monster of a cockerel, which I have dubbed Lord Feathers of Henry Street. He is of the same heritage as our Vorwerks Holly and Molly. I have decided we need to try and hatch some of these this summer!

I have begun the mammoth task of digging over the plot, trying to take advantage of half term and extra time to get things done. Fiona and I will be off on a seed mission in the next few days.

Braving the probability of enormous and vicious spiders, I have begun to organise the shed. However, I admit that I have left the corners for my husband to clear!

So to do this week – finish digging over the plot, buy seeds and cleaning the greenhouse. It is going to be a busy weekend! 


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