Digging in the swamp

Today we saw the damage from Storm Doris on site – upturned water butts and even a greenhouse!

We fed the chickens and admittedly it was late but it did not excuse what Evie did next. Judging from the inside of the food bin, it had been blown open as all the food was slightly wet. I rescued a bit of dry bread and whilst I was trying to put the lid back on with the other hand, a small greedy beak snatched the bread from my hand and ran off! Then I had to run around the muddy coop chasing Evie to try and get it back. Give her credit for sheer audacity.

My husband kept busy digging in the swamp that is supposedly our plot. He dug about half the area that needed digging, heroically carrying on despite sinking into the soaking ground. 

Whilst he battled on, I started to clear the greenhouse. It is massively overdue for a clean and tidy, but now at least you can walk into it. We have to replace a pane of glass in the roof of the greenhouse and the entirety of the door (which also needs putting back on!

We also went out to town and started to pick our seeds for this year – we have decided to be brave and try our luck with carrots. The rest of our seeds (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries) we will pick up next week from the garden centre. 


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