Making progress 

Today we went down the allotment to do more much needed digging and cleaning out of the coop.

Sadly the ground is still sodden so my other half heroically carried on digging over the plot whilst I sorted out the chickens. They were due for their monthly full clean out and I busied myself with removing old sawdust and repeatedly removing a very nosey Evie from various parts of the nesting box. I also had to work out Geoff’s ingenious building of the nest box so that I could clean the entire thing out properly. 

I thought I had finished until I remembered I had still to sort out the quails!

Fiona joined us down there armed with her selection of bulbs to plant in her plot. On her way down to her plot, she swung by the coop and had a quick cuddle with Doris. 

After a delicious lunch of burgers and hot dogs, we finished off the digging and I started on clearing the strawberry bed.

Tomorrow’s plan is to finish off the digging (if the weather allows) and feed the chickens. We are also going to pop across to the garden centre to pick up some compost and some more seeds ready for the new growing season.


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