A peaceful afternoon 

After work this afternoon,  I took advantage of the glorious sunshine, and pottered down to the allotment. 

I finished clearing the strawberry bed of weeds (I swear there are more weeds than soil in the raise bed!). As I was finishing,  a lovely newbie to the site offered me a bucketful of new strawberry plants! I have taken out our old plants as they were no longer producing large berries but small not as tasty ones. We expected we would have to buy a whole load, apparently not! So I quickly sorted out the plants and got them in. Hoping now for some excellent strawberries during Wimbledon! 

As it has been drier the last few days, the soil has drained a bit more and is no longer a total quagmire. I decided it was long overdue to put in our first earlies (Rocket this year). Armed only with a large old spade and excess energy dredged from somewhere,  I put in two rows, leaving the rest for another day.

I popped down to see how the works were doing on our old bottom plot. Miraculously, the entire plot is clear and they have levelled it. The cages full of rock to provide a division between Phil’s prospective bees and the plot. Apparently there is some debate about having a pond put in – keep posted!

I also spied a small black visitor who often appears near the coops and is a very welcome help with the rat issues we intermittently have on site.

Cliff seems to have set up a wonderful little workshop in Keith’s greenhouse – I fully intend to spend some time in their making bits this summer!

Our few remaining daffodils have started to flower. I need to get some more in as I would love to have a flower border the whole way down the plot.

Plan for after work on Friday (useless British weather permitting)  is to put in another couple of rows of potatoes and a few of onions.


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